Photography for Your Life


Back in 2002 I was so naive.  I didn’t research or think much about the photography for my wedding day.  A capable and talented photographer gave us a good deal, but it only came with a small book of 3×5 images, and some additional prints.  Oh, how I wish I had more photographs of the day that started this incredible marriage journey I am on with Matt Siak.  The day sped by so fast, and there are so many details I don’t remember!  This fact is one of the many that leads me to be so passionate about capturing the entirety of your wedding day.  I encourage my brides to plan on having myself and my assistant there for the entire day – from before the dress to when you walk away to enjoy your honeymoon.  I want to tell your story, of the day that you and your future husband or bride, committed forever in front of your family and friends.  Contact me at so we can chat more about your vision for your wedding day, and how we can achieve it together!